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For a while, we tend to think that the worst pain possible is a toothache. As we get older, we learn to push our bodies to the limit—exercising, doing sports, or just having fun. That is when our bodies begin telling us we went too far. Or to be more accurate, they scream bloody murder. And we find we can barely move without screaming back.

That’s when we need something to fix the pain. NOW. Or there will be problems.

Thank goodness we live in this advanced day and time, and we only have to stumble to the medicine cabinet. There we can grab our modern medicine to help our muscles stop yelling. Soon, we will be able to move without groaning. The medicine of choice?


Old Made New Again

Rediscovered in the last few years, topical pain control contains camphor, mint oil, menthol, clove and cajuput oil. For a while, balms seemed almost a secret, but now people like Lady Gaga are using—and loving —it.

Also, because of our love of quick and easy, muscle patches for pain relief have been gaining in popularity. More and more people are preferring the way the patch lasts all day, and no one knows it’s there.

One thing is for sure. It is nice to be free of pain again. And with so little effort.

It is always best, of course, for someone who is pregnant or who has sensitive allergies to check with their physician before using this particular pain control. Because of the strong scent of the natural oils, etc., it is just a wise precaution.

Ease of Muscle Patches

One of the things that is so handy about the muscle patch for pain relief is that it comes in different sizes. That way, if your lower back is acting up, you can use a larger size, rather than having two or three patches here and there on your back.

Natural Ingredients Help

So, how can something made a while ago be so helpful? The natural ingredients are a big factor. If we looked around us, we would see that many ways to heal are found in nature. A balm with several “active” natural ingredients is good, but it’s even better if, in the list of “inactive” ingredients, there are helpful products. Such as glycerin and eucalyptus. Inactive usually means something doesn’t directly help with stopping pain, but glycerin, for instance, is good for the skin. It pulls moisture out of the air. Feel like keeping your skin moist while you get to feeling better?

Some people have remarked that pads are nice for the heat, but when they actually get rid of pain—well, you can’t beat that with a stick.

I suppose there is one downside to a good pain control. There is no excuse not to exercise.

Patches shouldn’t be used right after bathing. They aren’t to be wrapped. And of course, they don’t belong on the face.

When they first go on, there is a cool feeling. Then the pad warms up. Then it helps take away pain. Wish there was something like this for toothaches.

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