Writing Projects You Can Do on a Full Load

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Writing Projects You Can Do on a Full Load

It can be tough to fit writing projects into a whole load of school, work, and life. But there are many different types of writing projects someone can do on the go, so it’s not impossible. The great thing is that someone can genuinely write about anything. So even if someone thinks their idea is boring, it doesn’t matter—there’s enough time to turn the ordinary into something extraordinary. 

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The writing projects listed below are simple, and some of them do not require any research. So whether at home or on a bus, there will always be a chance to improve a writing style and let creativity shine through.

Personal Narratives

There’s nothing better than being in front of a new audience who has never heard someone’s story before. Lives are full of exciting stories that could impact somebody out there.

A person doesn’t necessarily have to share everything from A-Z, but they should try to include memories from their past that people would be able to relate to. A personal narrative project allows them to take creative risks and not be afraid of what anybody thinks.


If written carefully, reflections can give others insight into a life journey so far. The reflections don’t have to be lengthy—or even perfect. Personal stories are always easiest for people to read because it’s like they’re reading the diary of somebody they never knew before.

When writing about reflection, a person should share lessons learned or insights gained along the way. Since this is about the person, there tends to be more emotionally involved than other story types.

Short Stories

Short stories can be tricky because people want them short enough to avoid dragging on too long, but they also don’t want them to feel incomplete. Therefore, this is an excellent writing project for when someone has a little more time on their hands, such as riding the bus or waiting in line at the grocery store.

The idea is to write something that feels complete but could also be continued by somebody else. In addition, it helps ensure variety, so readers don’t get bored too quickly.


Non-fiction stories can include anything from science experiments gone wrong to sports accomplishments. Most non-fiction pieces require research because nobody must question the content being shared.

Whether sharing exciting facts or describing what happened during an event, this writing project allows a person to practice presenting information in a way that keeps people engaged and wanting more details.


The only thing better than sharing a story is sharing a piece of heart and soul. Poems can be entertaining to read, but they require research as non-fiction does. The idea is for readers to get insight into someone’s innermost thoughts and how they see the world around them.

Writing poetry should never feel forced because it will show in the final product. Instead, a person should try writing about anything that moves them deeply—the process itself almost always ends up being therapeutic.


Blogs can cover almost any writing project. But if someone writes a blog, it’s worth considering how often they should update the world on their discoveries and insights. Their blog posts could contain anything from personal stories to reflections or non-fiction pieces like anything else listed here.

Since blogging is about sharing information online for free, there tends to be a lot of competition, and readers may not feel motivated to stick around longer than a few minutes if they’re provided with nothing useful.

Writing a blog may not be for everyone, blog writing services can help.

Creative Writing

A person has to have an imagination before trying creative writing because this project requires being as descriptive as possible. Whether short stories or non-fiction pieces, a person should try to include as many sensory details as possible because readers love feeling like they’re right there, living through every moment.

Creative writing is entertaining and an excellent way for other writers to get feedback on their works in progress.


If a person is crafty, they should try keeping a travelogue of their journeys before the memories fade away. Travelogues are typically easy to write because a person has to fill in the blanks with pictures. A travelogue might include images from past vacations or trips, but it’s a great way to document anything that takes place outside a daily routine.

Captions also play an essential role since they help tell more of the story and add context to the images included.


Every writing project on this list can be completed if a person makes themselves available for enough time to produce meaningful content. The trick is finding a way to balance all other responsibilities while still making progress on the work. There’s always something interesting to share about life, and it’s up to each individual how fascinating their words will end up being.

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