Emergency Glass Repair Services Keep Your Revenue Coming In

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Doors and windows in commercial premises allow fresh air and natural light into the building, at the same time as they protect people inside the building from harsh outside environment. However, most modern commercial buildings today make use of a high quantity of glass materials, for doors, windows, storefronts, glass partitions and more. And when it comes to glass, even when it is installed following the best practices, it can break or get damaged for a number of reasons, among them workplace accidents, storms or harsh weather conditions, and even, as it happens, violent riots and the like. 

This is why all businesses should make it one of their priorities to have a contract in place with an on demand, emergency glass repair service and one that has a decent track record to show for itself. For all Australian businesses, one such place to go is the Glass Express (also known as Express Glass), a company specializing in emergency glass repair and replacement and servicing all major cities and towns across the length and breadth of Australia. 

Why Is Emergency Glass Repair Important?

Few may wonder as to if the glass is damaged for good and you’ll have to replace the glass anyway, why opt for emergency repair and not replace it right away? Well, the things is, modern buildings today use all the different types of glasses and even for a highly resourceful glass repair and replacement company, it may take time to find the exact match for your broken or damaged glass. 

By way of an example, we mentioned Glass Express before and the company recently completed a project of replacing four broken skylight panels in a busy shopping mall. Now, the glass matching process for the broken panels took no less than 3 months (3 months, yes!). This is because Glass Express did not want to do a patchwork of it and made sure that they choose only the very best and energy efficient glasses for the project but also ones that match perfectly with the adjoining old glass. This was to make sure that the appearance of the façade can keep its aesthetic intact. 

Once the right glass was found, the work itself took no more than 2 nights to complete. In nutshell, the critical aspect of any broken glass job is to find the right replacement for the glass itself and THAT takes time. Of course, you won’t have to wait as long as three months for every replacement job. And all professional glass replacement and installation companies will do their best to find proper replacement glass as quickly as possible. That said, there are several factors, such as special tints, glazes, custom sizes and more, that are unique to each project, and this often results in lengthening the timeline. This is when emergency glass repair services can bail you out until a more permanent solution is found. 

Failing to Address Damages Glass Issues Can Hurt Your Business

Your failure to address a damaged or broken glass issue can compromise your business in a number of ways. For starters, this can seriously compromise the safety of your customers and employees. If the broken glass is on an external wall of the building, it can pose safety hazards for wayfarers as well as turn into a security threat for the business (burglars breaking in, etc.). Finally, if you let a broken glass issue unattended for an extended period of time, the energy usage costs for your premises will go up and this can even lead to your business slapped with a low energy rating. 

However, a broken glass, if left unattended, can affect your business in more direct manners as well. For example, if the damaged glass happens to be in a customer-facing area or the storefront itself, this is not only potentially dangerous, but it will also give an ungainly appearance to your office or business. Subsequently, this can potentially deter the customers and can also hurt the overall reputation of the business. And needless to tell that if it so happens, this will directly affect the bottom line of your business in the form of stunted revenues. 

Making Sure You’re Working with a Reputed Emergency Glass Repair Service

Now that we know the importance of emergency glass repair service, one also has to make sure that he’s working with the right company. First of all, relying on easy and quick fixes such as a boarded-up storefront is obviously a strict no-no (even so, there are glass repair companies that are known to resort to such methods!). Customers may be left guessing whether your store is open or not!

However, all renowned emergency glass repair companies such as Express Glass will have personnel equipped with a wealth of experience (both in regard to glass repair in general as well as the specificities related to any particular area or region). Blending that experience with cutting-edge technology means a company like Glass Express is able to tackle any and all commercial glass repair and replacement no matter the type of the job at hand (from simple window and door fronts to decorative and sophisticated glass repairs). They will fill in cracks and chips in the broken glass as part of the emergency service until a more permanent solution is reached at. 

At Glass Express, our experts are familiar with all the different regions of Australia, and they will offer rapid and efficient solutions considering the local conditions of a particular place. Security and safety of your business premises is guaranteed when you work with Glass Express.

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