The Leading Art Collectors in China

Art has an amazing effect on our minds – it refreshes and rejuvenates us. This also explains why…

Art has an amazing effect on our minds – it refreshes and rejuvenates us. This also explains why visits to museums, theatres or art galleries leave us feeling energised and fresh. In fact, studies have also stated that visiting an art museum (or anything related to art, for that matter) can actually improve your life expectancy. And the benefits do not stop at that – art can actually benefit you in so many different ways as well.

This also explains why art has been an essential part in so many cultures across the world. Even so, the Chinese are known to give utmost importance to art, and it only reflects in their mesmerising collection of different forms of art. The best part is that art collectors across the world are striving to preserve this heritage, collecting these art pieces to help other people enjoy the comprehensive benefits they offer.

Chinese art is so exquisite that it is attracting global collectors, who collect these art pieces for public displays and private collections as well. Let’s find out who the top collectors in this country are:

Adrian Cheng 

The founder of K11 Art Mall and also leader of New World Development, Adrian Cheng chose to combine his retail services with contemporary art collections. All K11 malls now allow contemporary artists to display their work. Since its launch, K11 has held over 60 exhibitions. It is heartening to see how hard Adrian Cheng works to promote contemporary Chinese culture.

Qiao Zhibing

One of the most popular Chinese art collectors, Zhibing was a sound engineer before he opened nightclubs in Hainan, Shanghai and Beijing. The interiors of these nightclubs feature amazing artworks, which Qiao handpicked in 2015 from across the world. These unique art pieces have cost him over 1 million dollars each. In 2019, Qiao Zhibhing opened the Tank Shanghai Complex to display art pieces, and now, it is one of the widely known recreational  facilities and museums in China.

John Dodelande

Thanks to all his work in the field of art, John Dodelande is also known as the ambassador of Chinese contemporary art in western countries. He worked with Adrian Cheng to author a book “Chinese Art: The Impossible Collection”. This book features works from many Chinese artists. His focus is more on contemporary art pieces from Mainland China, with special emphasis on silk items, and organises many art exhibitions in China as well as Georgia.

Wang Wei and Liu Yiquan

Both of these popular art collectors own two art museums in West Bund and Pudong, China. The collections in these museums are diverse – you will find everything right from traditional calligraphy, modern calligraphy to contemporary art pieces in these art museums. Most of these artwork were developed during the Song dynasty. Along with the splendid artwork, you will also find some of the best academic and art piece advisors in the museums as well.

Summing Up

Contemporary Chinese artwork is different as compared to those sourced from other countries. To know and find authentic Chinese artwork, you need to follow art collectors including John Dodelande. You will als know more about how much the Chinese art industry has evolved since the beginning.  


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