8 Pointers to Note When Considering Tyre Maintenance

Maintaining your tyre is essential as a vital part of your car, but it will age and will…

Maintaining your tyre is essential as a vital part of your car, but it will age and will need replacement after some time. However, you can extend the lifespan of your tyre with essential maintenance and care. Well-maintained tires contribute to your safety on the road and improve the performance of your car.

Failure to maintain your tyre leads to challenges like excessive wear, and turning to purchase new tyres can be costly. You need to get the best quality tyres that will last long from reliable tyre deals to ensure satisfaction. If you don’t know how to maintain your tyre, this article will guide you.

  1. Properly Inflate Your Tyre

If you don’t drive your car, it’s good to check your tyre pressure regularly, even if you’re driving daily. When inflating, you need to use the recommended pressure, don’t exceed the limits or underinflate. Failure to observe that might cost you to replace your tyre due to damages when driving.

Today, modern cars have sensors to alert you when you have low or high pressure on your tyres. Suppose you need to check on the recommended pressure, some post on the door side while others are on your car’s frame. Also, you can purchase a pocket tire pressure reader to help you read the pressure in your tyres.

  1. Change A Flat Tyre

If you are on the road and experience a flat tyre, move to a safe place away from traffic and pull out all the necessary tools as well with the extra tyre. Always lose the nuts before you can jack the car. After fitting the spare tyre, ensure your nuts are tightened before lowering the jack.

  1. Checking Tread Wear

Every tyre has its tread mark indicated in the outer walls of the tyre. There is an arrow to show the wear indicator on the surface of the tyre. If you notice the outermost layer touching the tread wear indicator, you need to replace the tyre. When you see you have 2mm of depth on the treads, it’s essential to replace your tyre.

  1. Select Your Tyres Well

Before you can purchase your tyre, you need to consider the quality. Always choose tyres from the best manufacturer which you’re sure will last long. Besides getting the right brand of tyre, it ensures it matches the size that the manufacturer indicated. This will prevent any tyre failure and save you cost by replacing and repairing the tyre.

  1. Inspection

Running a daily inspection of your car tyre helps you prevent any failures at the first stage. It will help identify cracks, bulges, and cuts on the surface with the tyre’s sidewall. Also, don’t forget to check the inner surface as damage due to stones on the road gets more comprehensive over time, failing.

In addition, rims need an inspection because damaged one’s lids to tyre failure if unnoticed. After identifying the problem is the rims, it is essential to replace them immediately to avoid losses. For instance, you notice a nail in your tubeless tyre, but the pressure is still maintained, don’t pull out as the air will escape.

  1. Uphold Wheel Alignment And Balancing

Doing a regular check on your wheel alignment and balancing will enhance the life of your tyre and save on fuel consumption. Wheel balancing involves the maintenance of a perfect position for your car tyre. If you are experiencing uneven tyre wear, the car pulling on one side, and vibration on the steering is due to an unbalanced tyre.

Getting your wheel aligned means you won’t encounter such issues. If you need to balance, rotate the wheel at high balance to check any imbalance. Also, you can add weight to your rims to maintain the balance. Always balance your tyres after covering a distance of 1000km.

  1. Driving Habits

The way you drive your car determines what causes the tyre to wear out. If you like to brake, your vehicle is likely to experience quick tyre damage. So, it would be best if you had good driving habits to ensure your tyres is always safe from any danger that causes damage.

  1. Clean Your Tyres

Lastly, you need to regularly clean your tyre with soap and water to remove any dirt from the wheels. Cleaning is essential not for your car to look smart but also for maintaining your tyres from cracks or any form of discoloration. This will give you a hint when there is a problem; hence, you can rectify it before causing damage.


Following those mentioned above will help you prevent any expense on tyre repair when you have a well-maintained tyre. Even your safety and car performance increases when you have a tyre dealer who will help you with your needs concerning tyres. Take advantage of the tips mentioned early, and you will enjoy your ride for long without any challenge of tyre failure.


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