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With the rapid advancements in the tech world, the challenges related to digital traps have increased for both parents and teenagers. We hear several cases of teens facing cyber bullying which leads to anxiety and depression n. Such issues normally occur due to the excessive and unrestricted use of the smart devices and the Internet. The rising digital concerns have elevated the demands for parental controls. But, out of so many options, which one is the best parental control software? 

After testing so many parental apps, I decided to use the FamilyTime parental control app. And here is my review to guide other parents towards smart parenting!

My Reasons to Stick to FamilyTime App

When I started exploring tools and software to monitor my children’s digital activities, I looked for the following factors and found all of them only in one app i.e. FamilyTime.

  • Affordability

FamilyTime allows you to explore a few of its features on the free package. Once you get the knack of it, you can switch to the premium package for several more options. You can even subscribe for monthly, quarterly or yearly FamilyTime premium packages and that too in fairly affordable prices. 

  • Easy to Use

Surely, it is extremely hassle-free to install signup and activate and is even easier for kids to understand. Because FamilyTime provides separate dashboards for children and parents. 

  • Reliability

Software that keeps my child’s data safe is something I would want to have, as a parent. FamilyTime ensures the security of child’s data and keeps it well protected. 

  • Customer Support

Customer support assists you in all ways possible. They are readily available for live chats in case you have any concerns; they provide you the answers to your queries. 

  • Compatibility

FamilyTime is easily compatible with both iOS and the Android devices. You don’t have to worry about managing several parental accounts for all your kids because FamilyTime lets you monitor unlimited devices from a single dashboard. Too good to be true? Have a look yourself by giving the app a free try. Yes, a free try. The app offers a trial version where you can access all premium features of FamilyTime app for free for 3 days. 

  • Valuable Features

FamilyTime brings the solution to every possible parenting concern with its valuable features. The one I found most useful are written below:

    • Call History Monitoring: Parents can access the information about dialed, received and missed calls on their teen’s phone.
    • SMS Tracking: You can have access to text message on their device.
    • Contact Monitoring and Contact Watchlisting: Using FamilyTime app, parents can not only look at the contacts saved in the contact book of their kids but can also watchlist suspicious contacts to receive alerts when is the connection is established.
  • App Blocking: You can put any questionable app to Blacklist to block your child’s access to that app. You can even view the list of apps installed on their device.
  • Web Monitoring: Parents can view bookmarks and visited sites.
  • Internet Filtering: With the app, parents can save their kids from getting in contact with the explicit content. They can simply add key term to the internet web filters and the app will block all pages with content related to these key terms. 
  • GPS Location: Parents can view the current location of their child and can even track location history along with the date and time details.

My strong recommendation

My experience with this app was amazing. All of its features worked so well and I didn’t experience even a single app freeze. I would encourage you to give FamilyTime a shot and keep tabs on kids’ all of the activities and stay happy!

The app is available at the app store of your phone. So, if you wish to download the app, go now to the app store be it Google Play Store of iTunes and get the app from there. You can also get it instantly by hitting the links given below:


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