How to Make a Cozy Cafe out of Small Space

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Cozy Cafe
Cozy Cafe

Cafes are a source of recreation from food and calmness and hold a special place in one’s life. College hangouts, cozy talks with partners, or lonely times, cafes are always a savior.

If you dream of creating a cozy and functional cafe, you can achieve it quickly. The sufficient space can make a comfortable cafe with some intelligent design and decor tips.

The perfect cafe is achieved by making a perfect plan. So let’s have a look at tips that will turn your tiny place into the cutest restaurant in the area.

Design the Cafe

Designing the interior style of a cafe is a personal choice. It can be modern, vintage, bohemian, or can follow a mix of all kinds. For example, you can create a sleek counter for placing orders. 

Also, put some high chairs for the customer to sit and enjoy the coffee on the table. Invest in elegant furniture in which the wall side can have benches that are space friendly. Finally, introduce low seating in a bohemian-style cafe. 

Create a partition and have ample space for free movement. Your target audience must be the prime focus while setting up the place. For example, if the restaurant is Italian, you can introduce Italian interior styles which complement it. 

So, pick up a theme, interior style and invest in space-saving interiors for a good look.

The Choice of Pallet

As a rule of thumb, lighter and brighter shades will make your place look bigger and more welcoming. The lighter tones reflect light and brighten up your space. If you don’t want to go for a single color, you can create an accent wall with a darker shade. 

Use earthy and neutral tones and texture them with pretty wall art. It will maintain a perfect balance and make your cafe very appealing.

Extend Your Cafe

Extend your cafe with outdoor seating, rooftop seating. It will increase the seating capacity, and outdoors always seem an attractive option. You can also create an outdoor counter for a quick coffee and food pick-up.

Create partitions with the help of plants, wooden panels, and much more. You can also use sections that have storage to extend the cafe smartly and incorporate more people.

Let the Decor Speak


The decor makes the cafe cozy and very stylish. You can go for space-saving wall decor and pick a theme for your restaurant. Suppose you can create a gallery wall with a perfectly aligned canvas. 

Canvas is affordable, lightweight, and durable with high-quality prints. It’s ready to hang. You can explore cafe and restaurant theme wall arts at ElephantStock, which will polish your walls artistically.

Likewise, for a bohemian setup, you can include some canvas with handmade wall hangings. For a modern design, single wall art looks pretty.

Include Mirrors

Include mirrors for creating an illusion of more ample space. The mirrors reflect light in a dark area and make your cafe look spacious. 

The mirrors go with every type of interior style, whether contemporary, farmhouse, or any kind. Accessorize them with creativity to create a fulfilling look.


Designing and decorating a small cafe doesn’t mean you have to restrict yourself. Play with print and pattern and install wooden or patterned tiles for introducing exciting elements in your cafeteria. 

In addition, you can play a little with the flooring with space-saving seating, wall decor, and practical colors. The floor doesn’t have to be boring, so go for black and white patterns, Moroccan prints, or wood paneling. These will elevate your cafe’s overall look.

Play With Light for Bigger Space

Go for concealed light, wall sconces, or ceiling hanging light that best compliments your style. Use soft light exposed bulbs as dark shades enclose and trap light. Use transparent or metallic fixtures which bounce the light and make your space look bright and nig.

Apart from this, natural light is your best friend. Go for extensive window treatments with transparent glass. The ample natural light will avoid a darker look. It makes your space look grand and cheerful.

Find a use for Everything.

Turn the storage into decoration with tables with under storage or ottoman stools with storage. Use brilliant furniture which has multifunctionality and some storage space. 

Ditch the printed menus and install a chalkboard or hang the menus on a wooden ladder leaning on the wall.

Let’s Wrap it

Creating a cafe is a dream come true. From designing to the menu and each, every detail has a story. As a result, the restaurants build up a different story in the life of many customers. 

So, create a very comfortable cafe with welcoming decor to make the memories even more beautiful. So include all the clever ideas to give an illusion of a bigger space with innovative designing decor ideas. All the factors play a vital role and can drastically enhance your space.