5 Reasons a Small Car Is Ideal for Your Next Road Trip

Summer is an excellent time to take a road trip. There’s nothing like the freedom of the open…

Summer is an excellent time to take a road trip. There’s nothing like the freedom of the open road, good music, a friend or two, and some fun destinations. Whether it’s venturing into the outback or taking a drive up the coast, you’ll want to pick the best vehicle for your trip. While many choose the most significant car to road trip in, don’t discount the smaller options. A small car may be the best option for your trip. Here are some reasons. 

Fuel Efficiency

Face it, petrol is expensive and getting pricier every day. Filling up a vast, gas-guzzling car can be prohibitively expensive, especially when driving long distances. This can leave you without the funds to buy those souvenirs or spend money on the parts of your vacation that matter. New small cars can step into this situation and save the day. 

Small cars are generally much more fuel-efficient than their larger cousins. They also come with smaller tanks, making the bill at the pump more manageable. If you drive a hybrid vehicle, this can save you even more. All that cash saved can then be spent, making your trip more memorable in other ways. 


Ever try to park a large car or truck in a downtown garage or space? It’s almost impossible and even dangerous. Smaller cars are more versatile in tight situations. They can fit into spots that the “land yacht” just can’t. Not only that, but small cars are easier to navigate on crowded streets, marketplaces, and narrow roads. 

Can Still Be Spacious

While it may be tempting to drive the big car on your trip so you can fit a lot of stuff in it, don’t be discouraged by the supposed space limitations of small cars. More often than not, you’re probably packing too much gear for your trip anyway. Many small vehicles offer more space than you might think, especially if you are a little creative. 

Packing tips, like using vacuum bags, rolling clothes, and using compartments can help you fit more stuff into your car than you may have imagined. If your car has a roof rack or rails, you can mount your gear to the top for even more space. Also, don’t forget about the unseen areas like under seats and various compartments available to stow smaller items. 

Easier to Maintain

The more cars you operate, the more that can go wrong. Larger cars usually come with more significant, more complicated engines and systems. This can make self-repairs a non-option and increase the time and money involved in repairs on the road. A smaller car can offer a more straightforward, easier maintenance and repair path. 

It can be as essential as the fact that smaller cars have smaller tires. Changing the tire on a behemoth is cumbersome and labor-intensive. On a small car, a tire change is relatively easy. The same goes for other problems you may encounter on the road. Repairs on a small can be done quicker and cheaper, saving you time and money. 

Still Fun to Drive

Sure, a big, supercharged sports car can be fun to drive, but such a vehicle invites all kinds of trouble on a road trip. Small cars typically have smaller engines, but they also have less mass to move around. The result is a vehicle that can still be fun and satisfying to drive while enjoying the above benefits. 


When planning your next road trip, don’t forget to consider the vehicle you plan to drive. When you weigh the benefits, you may find that a smaller car is the best option for your adventure for several reasons. 

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