These 4 Tips Will Simplify Your Next Move

Table of Contents 1. Hire Local Movers2. Use the Appropriate Packing Materials3. Start Early4. Get a Baby or…

Is there anything more complicated than moving house? That answer may be a hard “no” when you’re gearing up to move somewhere new. You’re in the middle of organizing something that will totally change your life, so it’s normal to feel overwhelmed and anxious.

Whether you’re suffering from the pre-move butterflies or the day-of jitters, this list will help. Here are four ways you can simplify your move and de-stress at the same time!

1. Hire Local Movers

Gone are the days when you can entice your friends and family to help you move with the promise of beer and pizza. Now that you’re older, your loved ones may not have the time or energy to help lug around your things. Pressuring them to help despite their hesitation can lead to resentment, injuries, and costly damage.

That’s why having a local moving company on your side can save time and your back. These movers are professionals who know how to carry out a move quickly and safely. They have the skills, training, and equipment to help them transport even your heaviest items without worry, and they do it in such a way that protects your new and old homes.

With local movers on the job, you can focus on other important details of your move on the big day.

2. Use the Appropriate Packing Materials

If you’re on a tight budget, you might consider picking up used boxes discarded behind stores and malls. While these boxes may be a cheap source of packing materials, they aren’t always in the best shape. There’s a big chance they can collapse when you’re moving.

Nothing adds stress like a dropped box, shattered belongings, or household damage, so consider your boxes and packing materials carefully. Invest in new boxes of varying sizes, insulation, and packing tape to protect your stuff and avoid these disasters.

3. Start Early

Like many things in life, moving benefits from being prepared. The earlier you start to think about your move, the less likely you’ll be panicking at the last minute and trying to tie up loose ends while the clock runs out.

If you have enough warning, start packing months in advance. Getting a head start on this task is a good way of breaking up the job. You can pack a box or two each day and not feel like you’re spending every waking hour preparing for your move. Pack similar items together and label your boxes clearly — remember you’ll have to unpack them later on!

4. Get a Baby or Pet Sitter

As much as you love your kids or pets, they can complicate your move by getting underfoot. This is dangerous when you’re moving heavy items, so you’ll want to keep them occupied on the big day.

Ask friends and family to see if they’re available to look after your children or pets. Alternatively, you may look into daycares that offer these services.

Moving may always cause a little bit of stress in your life, but you can get a better handle on your nerves when you follow this advice.

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