Kitchen sinks: The reasons behind loving the granite

There is no doubt that homeowners have an affinity for granite. That’s why you can find it almost…
Kitchen sinks: The reasons behind loving the granite

There is no doubt that homeowners have an affinity for granite. That’s why you can find it almost in every home in a specific form or design in bathrooms, kitchens, etc. When you think about the kitchen, your attention can instantly switch to the choice of countertop. It is not unusual because granite countertops tend to be the hero of most of the kitchen plans. Their superior patterns, colors, and outstanding features make them a must-have. But the choice of granite in the kitchen is not just about the workstations. You can extend your fondness for it by incorporating a granite sink.

Although it is not the pure stone surface that you may imagine, granite kitchen sinks are stronger than their natural stone cousins because of their unique construction. The mixture of acrylic resin and granite stone dust creates a perfect appliance for daily use. It can stand up to any wear and tear for a long time. Plus, if you are a trend lover, you cannot turn your gaze away from it so quickly. The aesthetic appeal can be too alluring to ignore. In essence, you can have many reasons to include this feature in your cooking zone. Let’s delve into them at once to understand why it can be a big deal.

Buying a granite kitchen sink  

No issue of discoloration

Anything that you use daily and vehemently can give in with time due to damage. With granite sinks, you can rest assured of enjoying the long-term association. The material’s strength makes it suitable for heavy use, eliminating or reducing the risks of fading or discoloration that can be unavoidable with stainless steel or copper. Make sure you don’t transfer anything removed from heat directly into the sink, though. In that case, it can be impossible to avoid fading challenges.

Better resistance

Some kitchen sinks can demand expensive maintenance and care for their sophisticated designs. But you don’t need to take pressure with granite sinks as they can offer excellent resistance to chipping and scratching. Then, some materials find it hard to avoid water stains and spots. You can consider stainless steel, for instance. If you don’t keep your stainless steel sink dry, it can develop unsightly marks all over it. They may even get stubborn with time if you don’t clean them regularly. However, with granite composite sinks, you can be tension-free in this area. Just a simple care routine can be more than enough to maintain its freshness.

Lots of color choices

When you remodel your kitchen on a moderate or expensive budget, you want the changes to last for years, as you may not be able to revisit it soon. Going by this, you can again trust your composite granite sink to do justice. One of the features that make granite a trustworthy partner for your kitchen décor is its color scheme. From black, gray to white, you can get it any shade that fits your kitchen interiors and elevates its overall appeal. Plus, all these choices are relatively safe too. You can check black kitchen sink by Kraus for an experience.

Black, white, and gray are neutral tones. You can plan a lot of elements around them to revive any theme you desire. For instance, in a monochrome décor, a white or black sink can complement the whole surroundings by merely its presence. If you have any vibrant decoration ideas in mind, you can visualize gray with orange or navy blue. To be precise, these color tones’ versatility can help you build your entire kitchen around them. You don’t get this type of freedom with other surfaces, though.


Its sophisticated look can dupe you into doubting its durability. Many homeowners also face this dilemma, wondering whether it will last long enough in their busy place. While these concerns can be valid, you don’t have to lose your sleep over this issue when you have a granite sink. The bonding of acrylic resin and natural stone powder in high temperature offers an impervious surface that can tolerate anything, from heat to cold to stains and scratches. Some branded stores also take care of chipping risks. However, everything depends on your kitchen habits, too, to a certain degree. If you often mishandle sharp objects and drop them in the sink in an angular way, it will be challenging to protect the surface from damage for long.

Another area that you need to pay a bit of attention is the maintenance. You have to be careful when you deal with stubborn stains. In that case, sticking to the maker’s cleaning guidelines can be the right step. Usually, companies suggest using a gentle dishwashing solution and a soft cloth for wiping the surface from time to time. You can follow it too for the best results.

Hygienic and healthy

Your kitchen needs a clean and healthy environment. As per experts, the kitchen sink can be one of the dirtiest places because you wash so many soiled products here. Then, soap scum and food buildup can further lead to issues with hygiene. With a composite granite sink, you don’t have to go crazy about it. The nonporous surface consisting of acrylic resin doesn’t allow anything to grow on it. Hence, it becomes easy to avoid germs and bacteria problems. You can’t expect this with natural stone, marble, or pure granite sinks because they tend to be porous, promoting bacterial and germ growth.

Some granite composite sinks feature rear drains that don’t let dirty water and food residues to slosh. If you get one such design, it can prove immensely useful in terms of hygiene.

As such, various factors can sound favorable for composite granite sinks. But if you are on a tight budget, the prices can be the dampener. To avoid disappointment, you can search for online stores where you get better deals. For instance, if you get some useful accessories, such as a bottom grid, drying/rinsing rack, or heat-safe trivet, you can strike through these items from your list and compare how much you save. Since name stores don’t compromise with quality, you can rely on them for their product.

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