Towing 101 – what you need to know to stay safe

Road accidents and breakdowns can be devastating. While you’re considering getting your vehicle towed to safety,certain variables play…

Road accidents and breakdowns can be devastating. While you’re considering getting your vehicle towed to safety,certain variables play an essential role, and you should know to be on the safe side. Here we’ll guide you through every little detail and precautions you need to follow to improve your asset’s safety and security. Breakdowns make you wrangle with insurance companies, and accidents come with legal procedures. We’ll try to identify and ease your towing problems and guide you to find the best tow truck Plano TX.

Safety comes first

The safety of the driver and passenger comes first and should be the primary concern of any motorist. Get away from traffic as soon as you can and turn on the hazard lightsthat’ll warn oncoming drivers about your location. And also work as a distress signal, especially during extreme weather conditions like snow or rain, hazard lights can be lifesaving.

Call the Police

Right after steering clear of the main road, call the police for immediate help. The quicker the police arrive, the better as they can take your vehicle off the road and block the traffic for better safety. And if there’s a medical emergency, the police can easily control the situation by alerting the emergency medical responders. Police will also make sure to document a detailed report of the scene.That can come in handy later on in determining who was at fault and helping the driver file a claim for the cost.

What does insurance covers

Before you contact any towing and roadside assistance service that offers emergency towing services,you need to check your insurance policy and what does it cover. Although not every insurance hasa vehicle insurance cover, some do include the service,and you need to know if roadside assistance is included in your policy. Some policies cover the total emergency costs while others pay only a limited portion. Often insurance companies work with towing companies and pay them directly, so you don’t have to pay anything.

Call a reliable towing service

The fear of getting scammed by a deceptive towing company is somewhat legitimate. There are many unsolicited and counterfeit tow truck drivers that take advantage of motorist’s misfortune. You always need to contact the best Plano towing service that offers reliable and cheap towing services. Flag Towing and roadside assistance have a reputation for delivering high-end emergency towing services by certified and experienced professionals . The company offers wide-ranging towing and roadside assistance services to facilitate every customer’s need accordingly.

The driver can ensure by asking for identification, license, and driver’s license from the towing professional arriving at the scene. That way, you can make sure you’re in good hands.

Stay calm

It’s the most essential and lifesaving tip for any stranded motorist – remain calm and composed. Vehicle breakdown and accidents can be frightening and dangerous at best. However, staying calm, mindful, and following the safety, protocols can help get yourself and the assets to safety.

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