Top 5 reasons to become a game designer

Game designers are creative professionals who bring their ideas and creativity to build interactive narration, sounds and develop…

Game designers are creative professionals who bring their ideas and creativity to build interactive narration, sounds and develop the mechanics of a game. Game designing is one of those real-world jobs that is loaded with excitement and fun. They are part of a fast-evolving industry that has its perks and challenges.

If you aspire to a career in game designing, read this article to find out the top 5 reasons to become a game designer and enroll in a game design course.

  1. Use creativity for work: The entire job of game designing is using creativity to build a game from ideating the theme to some very creative work like writing scripts, designing levels to the entire structure and rules of the game. Designers use creative thinking to decide on the rules of a game, earning scores, characters, obstacles, etc. As a game designer, you will have to be creative and have the technical know-how to build games that will work on different devices and platforms. As such, you will have to use your organizational skills to plan every aspect of the game.

2. Game designing is very casual and yet enthusiastic work life. This sets it apart from most industries as these professionals are living              their passion. They are self-driven, dedicated, and creative minds who build products loved and used by millions.

  1. Earn a great salary: Game developers are creative multi-talented professionals as they form the larger part of software developers. While actual salaries may vary on one’s experience, specialization, location, etc. game developers earn competitive and high average salaries. Statistics show that the average game designer makes $37 per hour which is $78,500 annually. Once they are past entry-level roles, they can earn a lot more. Most developers work with educational, tech companies, media, etc. that offer lucrative positions. The three states of the U.S. — Washington, California, and Oregon— pay the highest salaries to game designers.
  2. One of the best rewards of game designing is that you do not need a specific degree to become a professional game designer. You can learn and work at your own pace. You can work for an organization or work independently. As a creative professional, you can convert your ideas into products and make an income out of them. This also allows them to have resumes that stand out from the traditional CVs.
  3. Self-learner

Game developers create almost every aspect of the game from the scratch — characters, format, story, and much more. The entire journey requires learning several skills and using them at their best. It involves taking many important creative, technical, and business skills to present a game story. They are also the gamer and the tester of the game. To perform at their best, gamers keep learning continuously.

A career in the gaming industry is certainly not going to bore you but bring several rewards and satisfaction in your professional journey.

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