Top 3 Performance Roadblocks of the 6.7 Cummins

Table of Contents Roadblock -1: Automatic TransmissionTCM Tuning HelpsThe 68RFE ConundrumRoadblock -2: Head Gasket IssuesHead Studs & Beyond Roadblock…

As a literal result of emanation criteria and more robust customer need for more persuasive motors, the 6.7L Cummins displaced the ordinary-rail 5.9L amid the 2007 standard year. The 408 CI Inline-Six emphasizes a more extensive drag and more incredible stroke than its ancestor, the 5.9L, and treks 350 hp and 650 pounds of jute revolving just outside the molding line. 

But the 6.7 CUMMINS head studs use the Bosch common-rail needle method, but the summit pressure raised from 23,200 psi to 26,000 psi, as well as the VGT was applied for the initial period. On the roof of this, the 68RFE automated transmission debuted at Dodge Rams in 2007, the preeminent moment a six-speed car was abandoned to its ton-ton and giant truck.

Perversely, the R8RFE was seldom an enhancement over the 48RR it has displaced in expressions of energy holding capacity – not even encouraging one would anticipate it would serve. Yet if you can handle 68RFE endurance while using extra energy, sooner or later, a massive stroke of 6.7L Cummins will take you closer to your next enforcement roadblock. If you want to learn the above points clearly, stay to keep seeing this article. 

Roadblock -1: Automatic Transmission

It’s the corresponding old with 07 .5-current with Cummins-powered rams: you’ll be capable to automatically retaliate factory debts in passing ere you remove even more horsepower plans from the terrain. To be assured, the 68 RF can manage more hp and energy than the 48 R, but it can abandon just as quickly if you abuse it.

Low lineage pressure, blundered overdrive clutch, excess heat, and plug body crossbreed leakage are only less of the weak links in this transmission. The assets can help 68 RFE 500rWhp and 1,000 pounds or more extensive with essence TCM tuning, but it will not expand; the four-wheel-drive will ramble on for too lengthy – and not less than once.

TCM Tuning Helps

Sound TCM calibrates with the ECM file, which almost increases the 6.7L Cummins factory; the stock 68 RFE can exist beneath the smart driver’s right toes. We’ve also observed one grip a 570 RWP and 1,100 lb-ft truck overtime performing – yet with fine-tuned variation features, special exchange prison effects at higher fluid pressures, and compounds – 68RFE will, however, be your 6.7L Cummins’ most prominent appearance roadblock.

The 68RFE Conundrum

Cutting a transmission fluff and padding it complete of more desirable components ordinarily yields superior, if a reliable builder does the work. But here’s the kicker for 6.7L Cummins keepers: also, after denoting made applying the most reliable aftermarket sections possible, the 68RFE is quite famous for not keeping up, long-term, in vehicles tendering 700-hp.

Remarkable unrehearsed while others don’t, which likely indicates concerns heat fluff to who’s in command of the accelerator.  While your moods proceed exceeding a turbo incline on trunk fuel, you’d considerably conceive ideas to make up the 68RFE as well as relish your prospects if you desire to relish the truck’s power presumably.

Roadblock -2: Head Gasket Issues

Although more than 7.7 L strokes and more effective torque terms are the foremost benefits, the linked cylinder pressure appears with 5.9 L proprietors seldom decorating one obstacle: an inflated head gasket. The 6.7L’s head doesn’t pop left and right, but while you join the variable geometry Hall set turbocharger connected with the excellent drive pressure and the immense slider pressure created by the extent that has been performing offensively for about 1500 km, the head is assuredly proceeding to arise.

Head Studs & Beyond 

A waved head was bound with the gasket, and later obtaining the head and verifying the section’s authenticity, a maximum 6.7L Cummins proprietors fancy introducing ARP head studs while pieces go back collectively.

At the moment, only ordinary strains (500 to 530 rWhp) ’07 .5-New Ram is suitable to move a long distance. For more aggressive power dummies, the head can be threaded to get stiff valve springs, thread-in-style frozen plugs, and fire-rings.

Roadblock -3: Stock Fuel System

The 6.7L Cummins OEM fuel policy can support 550rWhp amidst a turbo grade while pushing its last limit. If you traverse this point, you necessitate larger injectors, appearing in a bigger replacement CP3 that must provide fuel from a higher-flow lift pump.

Upgrading the Fuel Policy 

A vehicle that makes more than 600 rWhp requires a lift pump able to stream 150-gph. As with the CP3, a 10mm stroke pump can hold up to 800rWp and suit most requirements and convenient for 12mm pumps and 14mm layer radiator settings.

The injector alternatives move the range from 50hp to 200-percent above. But it may need the proper size CP3 to assist them and the right ECM tuning to twist all the things

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